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Sea salt candle

Sea salt candle

As fresh as it gets transporting you back to the fresh ocean air with citrus and ocean notes with patchouli amber and oak moss

- This candle is made with 100% coconut wax and hand made with love in Perth, WA

- 40+ hours of burn time

- Dimensions: 9.4cm x 10.1cm

Please note everything is hand made and will take 2-5 buisness days to creat and be shipeed out. shipping will take another couple of buiness days.



-Never leave burning candle unattended

-Always blow candle out before leaving the room

-Leave in a dry cool temprature room


We reccomend for best use of our candles not to burn for less then 1 hour and no longer then 3 hours at one time.

Please read candle care page for more information

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